Thursday, November 20, 2008

National Adoption Month

You may or may not know that November is National Adoption Month. What I find a little interesting is the way I’ve seen it being promoted. I read a lot of blogs that have to do with adoption, some from all sides of the triad, because so much of who I have become has been shaped by being a first mom. Most of what I have read concerning National Adoption Month has been from adoptive families who are promoting adoption, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but in a way that I don’t either see as 100% ethical or what the month was intended for.

National Adoption month was created in 1976 in Massachusetts as an Adoption Week because there were so many children in foster care that needed permanent loving homes that they wanted to highlight the situation. That same year President Gerald Ford decided to make a National Adoption Week to highlight the same problem nationwide, which then turned into National Adoption Month in 1990.

Let’s face it, you don’t need to encourage adoptive families to adopt healthy infants in this country…there’s a line out the door and down the street of willing families ready and able to adopt and love any healthy infant placed for adoption in this country. I think it’s a shame that the true intent of this month is being overshadowed because there are hundreds of thousands of children right now as I type that don’t have a place to call home. They don’t have a family that they can turn to and know that they have someone to be there for them when the chips are down and that’s what this month is all about.

On the government child welfare website it states:

November is National Adoption Month, a month set aside to raise awareness about the adoption of children and youth from foster care. This year's theme of adopting teens from foster care builds on the Ad Council's new public service announcement (PSA) campaign of the Children's Bureau, the Adoption Exchange Association, and The Collaboration to AdoptUsKids.

Go here to find out more about it.

Just an FYI: If we had a big house and I could convince my husband I would definitely be adopting older children from foster care. I believe every child deserves to have a family that loves them unconditionally. I'd also like to adopt from Haiti for the same reason and to get children out of the Hell that they live there, but DH has been to Haiti and said that if it means he has to ever go back that won't be happening!(I’ll continue to work on my husband *wink, wink* so one day if we get a big enough house we’ll fill it with kids too :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Don't you wish you worked with me?

My birthday is next week. When I arrived at work on Monday morning this email was in my inbox (in a beautifully scripted text that I can't get to come through on blogger):

Dearest Desiree,

If you are not yet spoken for, your devoted co-workers ardently wish to dine with you in the luncheon hour of Wednesday next, the nineteenth day of November, at the eating establishment of your choice, to commemorate the approaching anniversary of your celebrated nativity.

Respondez s’il vous plait regarding your availability on the date in question. We await, tremulously and with bated breath, the desired response.

Fondly and Ever Yours,
The Collective Researchers of UC Davis

Of course I couldn't respond with just a simple yes so the following was my reply:

Dear Collective Researchers of UC Davis,

I would be honored to indulge in culinary delights in the presence of such great women. I am pleased to accept your invitation for the nineteenth day of November and look forward to an hour of feasting and heartfelt conversation.

With sincerest appreciation,

And finally, the invitation to the office:

Dear C.R. of UCD (sadly lacking our studious friend Flora),

Your presence is requested at the nearby Applebee’s Restaurant between noon and 12:10 pm tomorrow, or as soon thereafter as you may happen to arrive. None would be turned away from these festivities for some mere shift of schedule or trick of timing that may prevent absolute punctuality – six chairs shall be reserved for six hale and hearty comrades well met.


Although I'm not overly thrilled about having a birthday, not because I care that I'm turning 35, but because I thought I would be at a different place in my life by 35, it was a wonderful time and a very thoughtful gesture.

Now I just need to come up with a thank you as well thought out as the invitation. :)

Friday, November 7, 2008


I have to admit, I’m a costume snob!

There I said it! No one likes to admit their flaws, and being a snob about anything would certainly be considered a flaw, but if the shoe fits.

All growing up my mom made my sisters and my costumes. She is an excellent seamstress and can make anything her heart desires. Me? Not so much! In recent years I’ve tried to fumble my way through a project or two and it’s only because my Mom tried to teach me about sewing when I was younger, to no avail, but I think a few things stuck so I’m able to muddle through.
Anyway, luckily for me my Mom only has two grandchildren, so she is willing and able to make costumes for us. She has made all but three of Ari’s costumes, and one of those three, she actually did make a lot of and I just helped. Only two of her eleven costumes have been purchased.

Purchased costumes are just not the same!

Every year Ari has gotten rave reviews from everyone we see about her costumes and this year for both of my girls was no different. Devyn wore the costume that my mom and I made for Ari when she was one and looked just as adorable.

Please refer to the following pictures to illustrate where my snobbery comes from:

Please note that in my opinion the costume includes the overall effect including hair and make-up. You certainly wouldn't go to an event that required an evening gown and then throw your hair in a greasy poney tail and not do something with your face now would you? he he he

Oh, and please don't hate me because of my costume snobbery...I really do think your kids are cute all dressed up and having fun. And I'm really only elitist about this one thing, I promise!

DH has also told Ari that she is NEVER allowed to wear make-up because of how grownup she looks when she does (even if it does include black lipstick)!