Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Over Memorial Day weekend we drove over to the beach for something a little bit different. These are just a bunch of pictures that I took. The water was really cold (we live in NorCal so none of that warm San Diego ocean experience) so Devyn was more than happy to just stand on the sand and let the surf come up and wash over her feet. Ari was the only brave one in the bunch that would actually go out into the water.

(Showing me a mussel she found)

(This was so funny because in the above picture she's digging a hole in the sand and when she looked up at me the entire side of her face was covered in sand.)

(Just as a side note, a woman came up to me and commented on how cute and "appropriate" Ari's swimsuit was. She was very impressed as "appropriate" swimsuits are so hard to find anymore. I made sure to tell Ari because all of her friends wear tiny little bikinis and I wanted her to know that people do notice when she isn't showing everything off!

Just a bunch of pictures for those who care to see more pictures of my kids. We had a blast and will have to go back, but I will definitely be better about putting sun screen on. I put sunscreen on my face and arms, but was wearing capris so I didn't think to put it on my legs. I literally got one of the worst sunburns of my life, but only half way up my shins...not only does it look stupid, but now a week and a half later it is still red and sore...yikes!