Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Big Bad World

It is such a cliché to say that kids grow up way to fast…every parent thinks that and every child wishes they could grow up faster so they can do what the older kids are doing…but it really does feel like time flies by when you are a parent.

I am feeling completely out of sorts because my not so little girl anymore is off to outdoor school (from here on out referred to as Taylor Bluff*)this week and it’s the first time in her life that I’ve been away from her for any amount of time that she wasn’t at least with family. Even when she goes to my parents I can still call and talk to her, but not now. Here every 6th grader goes to outdoor school for a week where they hike and learn all kinds of things that you can’t do hands on in a classroom. Ari has been excited about going for the last three years and told us we weren’t allowed to move from California until she got to go to Taylor Bluff. I’m excited for her and I hope she has a great time, but she left yesterday morning, it’s over an hour and a half away and I have no communication with her until Friday afternoon. She’s growing up and I’m not sure I’m ready yet for her to be out there in this big bad world all on her own. So for now I’m a little out of sorts and lamenting the fact that my little girl isn’t so little anymore.

Saying goodbye!

Devyn is s little out of sorts as well...she keeps shrugging her shoulders while saying "Ari" as her way of asking why Ari isn't home yet. We keep telling her that Ari is at camp and will be home in a few days, but obviously she doesn't get it.

*Name changed to protect Ari while she is away from home.