Thursday, April 3, 2008

5 months old

Devyn is 5 months old today so I thought I'd just share a few fun pictures.

These bathtime pictures are from back in February, but they are just too cute not to share. The bathroom was a little steamy so the pictures are a little foggy, oh well. Devyn loves to kick and play in the tub, but she's not liking leaning back anymore because she wants to sit up.

Devyn can't not have something in her mouth.

If Devyn doesn't have anything else to put in her mouth she just uses her hand!

We got her this cute little bunting outfit to keep her warm in the winter but never used it because she was always in her carrier and covered with a blanket when we were outside. Easter morning was the only time she's worn it because it was a little chilly that morning before it warmed up for the day.

Just some cute shots of her playing on the changing table.


The Proud Grandparents said...

Devyn certainly could give the Gerber Baby a run for the money.

the wrath of khandrea said...

she is a cutie! she looks so much like her sister too... they totally favor you.

BrandeeJ said...

What a cutie! I miss you and your cute girls. Give them both kisses from Auntie Brandee.

Chelz said...

Desi- I can;t believe how big she is!! I also hope it is okay i am browsing around on your blog! Arie just cracks me up! oh your life sounds like a day to day adventure!