Friday, May 30, 2008

California Here I Come…

What do California, drums, enthusiastic kids (well some of them are enthusiastic) and 4 inch too short suits from 1993 all have in common?

4th grade concerts on the history of California of course!

Wednesday night Ari had her 4th grade concert and believe it or not it wasn’t too painful to sit through. Both DH and I were thinking, sitting in a hot and sweaty elementary school gym while Devyn will inevitable be getting tired and ornery, all while listening to some really corny songs about California sounds more like torture then fun. Surprisingly enough it was really pretty cute and fun to watch Ari up there saying her part and singing away (well at least some of the time.)

DH, being the smart-aleck that he is got some great video of the kids and their crazy antics, not to mention some great close-ups of just Ari and the boy she likes who just happened to be strategically placed directly behind her on the bleachers. I was giggling at that as he was doing it and since we were on the front row she saw me and mouthed “what” from up on stage, which just make me laugh more. I swear, I’m totally irreverent, but at least this time I was just at the 4th grade concert. (I need to get the little cord thingy to hook-up my video camera to my computer so I don’t have any video for you, but I might try and post it in the future.)

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Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Ari looks so cute, I love that outfit. Poor thing, trying to concentrate while you two were being silly! :)