Thursday, July 3, 2008

What is that in your mouth?

Anyone who’s ever had an infant knows you are constantly trying to keep them from putting things into their mouths, or else you are fishing things out of their mouths. So last night we’re at Target and Devyn is in her car seat that’s hooked to the Target cart. I was trying a darling pair of shoes on her (which of course we bought because they were just too cute, see picture below) She doesn’t like them on her feet I might add, and DH thinks I’m crazy for spending money on them, but all you moms out there understand, right?!? But I digress, so I look at her face while I’m trying the shoes on her and notice something white in her mouth. Confused because she hadn’t been anywhere that she could have gotten a hold of anything to stick in her mouth I tried to pry her mouth open with my fingers to figure out what it might be. I see another glimpse and think; no it can’t be…a tooth?

I dismiss this thought because first of all she’s been happy go lucky all week, no fussing or grouchy behavior, and secondly babies in my family just don’t get teeth this young. Yes, I said that correctly, I know most babies are starting to cut teeth by eight months, but none of my sisters nor I got teeth before we were one and neither did Ari, so I was definitely not expecting it. I thought to myself, maybe she has a canker sore in her mouth from something, so I try to open her mouth to look again, but do you think she’ll let me get a look at this tooth/canker sore thingy? Nope! She has been doing this thing with her tongue for a couple of weeks now where she is constantly sticking her tongue out, not really out but down, so it’s resting on her chin, and just the very tip of her tongue it curled up, it’s quite cute actually, and we laugh at her often while she’s doing it, (hopefully she’s not going to have some complex about it). So anyway, every time I tried to get my fingers near her mouth to try and get another look, she did that tongue thing and I wasn’t convinced that my hands were really that clean to be sticking them all up in her mouth so I just couldn’t get a good look.

We went to pick up DH from class and told him of our possible discovery and we were headed to the Marble Slab to get shakes, so Ari ran in and washed her hands because she wanted to feel and see if she could feel anything. She sticks her finger in Devyn’s mouth and says sure enough, it’s hard like a tooth. DH always says that there is nothing about Devyn that resembles him and “is there anything I should be telling him?” Well, I’m going to venture a guess that this eight month old tooth getting thing is from his side and not mine, so there you go honey, a trait from you! :)

Can you see it, can you see it?

* I forgot to add this picture even after I wrote up above "see picture below" so here they are!


The Proud Grandparents said...

I see it, I see it!!! Yeah, yeah for Devyn to get a tooth earlier than anyone else on our side of the family. It is indeed a cute tooth in that sweet smile.

Tina said...

That's funny :) I can totally see your DH in her, so tell him nananana :)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Congrats on the new tooth! And those shoes are adorable...I totally wouldn't have passed them up either. :)

Phoebe said...

Love the shoes. Too bad they are sold out at our Target...
My boys got teeth at 8-9 months, but Agnes got 4 teeth at 6 months! How did that happen?