Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What would you like to learn?

Ok, I’m pretty much terrified of public speaking. It’s interesting because whenever I tell people this who have seen me speak they don’t believe me and say that I’m a natural; perfectly at ease, when in reality, my heart is beating so hard and so fast that I feel like it’s going to beat right out of my chest.

Well, I’m the Relief Society secretary for my Ward which is pretty innocuous, except a member of the presidency is in charge of the first Sunday of the month lesson, and my turn is in August. Now that the first Sunday in July is over with I’m already getting nervous because my turn is next. I realize there are other lessons between now and then, but mine is the next presidency lesson! I know there is nothing that I can teach that the women in my ward don’t already know more about then I do so that is a little nerve wracking also.

Here’s where you come in. I need a theme for my lesson. I need to pray for an inspired theme, which I will do, but I figure if I have some ideas in mind it might help the inspiration come. So, what are some Relief Society lessons that you’ve had that you particularly enjoyed or a motivational topic that you would like to learn more about? And, along with any great topics, great resources would also be appreciated. I like visuals or music to go along with my lessons, so if you know of books or articles or songs that would help “drive home” the message let me know those too and I’ll head on over to Deseret Book online and pick up one or two.

One of topics that I was thinking about was Finding Peace

I found these books online and thought they might have some good info. Has anyone read them? Would this topic interest you? Do you know of any songs that might go along with this subject?

Another topic was either Judging Others, or Judging Ourselves Against Others Accomplishments. Would either of these interest you? Do you know of any songs that might go with this subject?

I’m totally open to suggestions so comment away!

Oh, and thanks for your help.

* I forgot to mention that the lesson needs to apply to women between the ages of about 25 -85. Tell me that that's not quite the span of ages. :) *


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I think the best lessons are ones that the teacher feels a personal connection with, which is why you probably picked those topics. I think you'll do awesome sharing your testimony from the heart, and just showing your passion for whichever subject you choose. (Sorry, that's a really vague answer, huh?)

andrew's mom said...

I like the idea of finding peace. In today's world with so many things coming at us all the time, I know I could certainly use some tips on that. Wish I could be there to hear it myself-I'm sure you'll do awesome!

Marilynn said...

Desi, I haven't commented on your blog before so I hope you don't mind me starting now. :-D

Find something close to your heart. Something that means a lot to you. Something that you would like to learn more about. Most likely something you are struggling with others are too. It is amazing to find out what others are searching for answers to.

Desi said...

Nope, I don't mind at all.

Thanks for the comment! I will definitley be doing some soul searching to come up with the right topic.

Cheryl said...

Well, you've already read my blog, so you're welcome to use those resources. :) But I would incorporate the scriptures as much as you can into your lesson. Those books look good and are probably fabulous to read, but the scriptures are where the doctrines are found, and if used correctly, the Spirit will be unrestrained. At least that has been my experience.

I agree with what's been said, too. Definitely do something you feel strongly about or feel you need to learn yourself, maybe?

I have no doubt it will go over amazingly. :) good luck!