Friday, May 29, 2009

Miss Spider and Car Buying

When Ari was little her absolute favorite book was Miss Spider's New Car (the board book edition). I probably read that thing thousands of times!

Well, we are looking for a new car. Well, not new - used...and nothing too expensive, and it has been a much more difficult process then I expected. DH and I both have different requirements as to what we do and don't want and it's proving to be difficult. That's where Miss Spider comes in...because I read that book so many times the words keep coming to mind as we go through this I thought I'd share (this is all from memory so forgive me if I get a word wrong here or there :)

We need a car – just yours and mine.
It mustn’t screech or growl or whine.

Cha-hiss this speedster’s charged with steam.
Vroom slow down, I’m going to scream!

Squish Squash this snail car’s much to slick
Kerplosh, would froggy do the trick?

Ka-boing, a hop-rod fits the bill.
Sha-wosh, please land I’m feeling ill.

This matchbox dream has lots of zoom,
but look out for that tree…kabloom!

We’ll find a chuggy buggy yet,
putt putt this one will do I bet.

Beep beep, it’s ours and feels so right,
just humming softly in the night.
I keep saying over and over..."we need a car, just yours and mine, it mustn't screech or growl or whine"...DH tells me that he doesn't think Miss Spider is the best place to be researching cars however. If you have any better ideas let me know...ha ha ha.
(Oh, and for the record, I HATE car salesmen...and I'm not sexist, that includes car saleswomen as well.)


FoxyJ said...

Last year when we bought a new car we spent a long time researching on the internet, but now I can't remember the specific sites we used. What we did is research first, including reviews, space, safety ratings, etc. Then we narrowed it down to a few cars that looked good and researched our financing options before even talking to dealers. Then we did a few test drives to find the specific car we wanted and figured out what we were willing to pay. Finally then we called around to a few dealers in the area to find out if they were willing to give us what we wanted. Usually we're not very confronatational, so it really helped for us to do the research and stuff on our own and then tell the dealers what we wanted, rather than having them tell us.

We got a Kia Rondo and we love it a lot. It's one of those 'crossovers' so it's the size of a regular car, but has a third seat and can fit up to 7 people. It drives really well and gets great mileage. Plus Kia is a good company and has pretty reasonable prices as well as a great warrenty program. Just a suggestion :)

the wrath of khandrea said...

this was seriously funny.

good luck.

The Proud Grandparents said...

What a memory to be able to quote the words!!! That was a fun book to read to Ari. Now you get to read it to Devyn, hopefully she will like it as well as her big sister did.

Good luck in your car hunting.

Karla said...

This is a cute blog Desi. So impressed with your memory!!

I just bought a used car in December and found it online at I was lucky because a dealership in Utah had just the one I was looking for, (not the color I wanted) and it was THOUSANDS less than I had found anywhere else. Good luck.

andrew's mom said...

So the Grand Am is don for huh? Bummer-that was such a nice car. I remember well you have to have 2 door (sportier, right?), but I can't remember any of your other requirements besides the Escalade dream. I'm assuming you're not getting an Escalade since DH is morally opposed? I feel your pain-Good luck! Let me know what you end up getting.