Saturday, June 20, 2009

Be The Match

I've been on the Bone Marrow Registry for a couple years now...there was a drive for donors in my city because their was a local kids who needed a transplant. I had looked into it before, but it cost $75 at the time to be put on the list and there were always other places that my money went. So, when the drive was here DH and I went and got put on...but found out that because I have Native American blood and he is half Filipino we would have been put on for free anyway. Race plays a part in bone marrow matches and they have very few minorities and even fewer mixed race donors on the list so to encourge more diversity they make it free for minorities. 70% of people needing a transplant don't have a donor match in their family therefore this registry is critical. Obviously the more people that are on it the greater the chance of them finding a match and saving someone's life.

Anyway, I just got a letter from stating that they had a new website, Be The Match dot com, and asking me to go to the website and make sure my information was updated. While there I found out until Monday, June 22 anyone can be added to the registry for FREE! (As long as there is still funding.) Go there now! It's easy and painless and you could save a life!


Marilynn said...

Hey I don't comment very often but I really relate to this one. I have been on the list for Bone Marrow donation for about 6 years. About 3 years ago I was a possible match and has additional blood taken to see if the markers were right. No such luck. Then in June I got 2 calls and 2 emails in one day asking if I was the person with the name on the registry. I contacted them back and I am a match for someone and will be donating in August in San Francisco, (Actually at Stanford). (They don't have a place in Utah to do it.) So it is a really great feeling to know I can help someone.

Desi said...

That is awesome Marilynn! Good luck with everything, and have fun in the Bay Area ;-)