Monday, June 29, 2009

Waxing Nostalgic on YouTube

Due to the passing of Michael Jackson I realized I had never shared the historically phenomenon that was the “Thriller” video with Ari so we decided to look it up on YouTube. She was not as impressed as she should have been…I mean it’s a classic. I distinctly remember when it came out…I was her age (am I really that old?), who I watched it with and what an amazing thing it was. On YouTube it brings up the links to “related content” so after the Thriller video we then started watching a number of Michael Jackson’s old videos…Beat It, Billie Jean and then moved onto the Jackson 5 (some of my all time favorite Michael ;-)

We were having so much fun waxing nostalgic that we just started looking up some of our favorite 80s cheese and it was hilarious! Way back in the day I had a huge crush on Morton Harket…which I mentioned to DH as we’re searching for great 80s videos and he looked at me like I was insane and told me I had to be making that name up…No, no I wasn’t. Morton Harket was the very pretty lead singer of one of my favorite groups when I was in Jr. High, A-Ha. DH did agree with me that the Take on Me video was a classic, but still chided me for remembering his name…ha ha ha!

Ari had fun, probably making fun of us…but she still seemed to enjoy herself, and Devyn had a blast just dancing away to all the music, but making sure that every one of us were on our feet dancing with her. We listened to everything from Aerosmith, Poison, Guns N Roses, A-Ha, U2, Skid Row, Bon Jovi, Rick Springfield, Pat Benatar, Boy George. We also came across this video compilation that plays maybe 10 second clips for 4 or 5 songs for each decade in the 80s…I don’t know whether to be ashamed or proud, but I knew the words to every song! I highly recommend a night just reminiscing like this on YouTube with your kids. They may laugh at you, but they’ll have a great time too and maybe even learn a little more about you.

DH and I have both decided we need to go and download a lot of those old songs…they are just fun to listen to sometimes. Next I think I may go and reminisce about my early childhood and listen to some Peter Paul and Mary, Sunny and Cher, Diana Ross, Looking Glass, and oh so many others.


The Proud Grandparents said...

Sounds like you had a fun evening of entertainment and sharing with your daughters music that was fun when you were younger. Can you imagine how much Ari would laugh if we were to share with her the music we listen to when we were young? Glad you had such a fun time.

andrew's mom said...

I could never forget A-ha, but MORTON HARKETT? I had no idea! Hilarious. I was really saddened by MJ's death. Not that I have been a fan lately, but he was suchn a part of my childhood. Remember all the MJ posters in my room, back in the days when he looked like a human? So Sad!

BrandeeJ said...

I was just looking at a Peter Paul and Mary downloadable album on Amazon it's pretty cheap for the number of song ( like over 25) But I'm glad you shared that with Ari. It's too bad that she's too young to understand how revolutionary the thriller video was. I barely remeber went it first came out but I remeber it.

BrandeeJ said...

Oh and nobody knows who Looking Glass is except you and me. They are a one hit wonder.

Anonymous said...

Brandee, your a fine girl. Do you wear a braided chain made from the finest silver from the south of Spain?