Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Best-Kept Secret

Whenever I get asked what I do and I tell people my job title I always get a look of bewilderment in return. No one has ever heard of my job and even when I try and explain what I do I get blank stares aimed in my direction. I’ve started to pretty much just preface it with “I’m a professional snoop” because that’s how DH describes it. He didn’t actually believe that it was a real profession and swore that it must be some made up job. Well, I suppose “professional snoop” does get to the nitty gritty of what I do and it somewhat sums up my job to help others to hopefully understand it. I mean, I had never heard of a Prospect Researcher (actually here we are called Prospect Analysts) before I just happened onto the position almost 5 years ago, how can I expect others to know what I do?

Imagine my surprise when I came across this article on the Best-Kept Secret Careers and lo and behold mine is #9 on that list. Well what do you know, it is a real job after all, and according to a pretty darn good one at that!

I think their description sounds a little better than “professional snoop” but unless I carry around a copy of this it still might be the easiest description...

And, for the record, if you went to a university chances are they have at least one of me too, searching for those of you who have any indications of wealth, but on my salary I’ll never be the one searched for, just the one doing the searching…ha ha ha! (As a side note, we don’t waste our time on anyone who can’t give us at least $25,000, but usually not even until it looks like they can give at least in the $100,000 range)


The Proud Grandparents said...

That was fun to learn about your job title. Thanks for sharing - you little "best kept secret" you.

lisamarie said...

Crazy, huh? Pretty soon 'Prospect Analyst' will be a well-known occupation and you'll be the field sage!