Friday, October 30, 2009

Bellatrix Lestrange(ish)

So as I'm talking about needing hairspray to do Ari's hair for her costume this afternoon I get told that today is actually crazy hair day. If you recall, we hcve kind of gone all out for crazy hair day in the past so for it to be sprung on me last minute was a little unnerving, not to mention who plans crazy hair day on Halloween...well I guess it's not technically Halloween, but every year our downtown does a huge trick-or-treating event and they are doing it today, not tomorrow, and our ward trunk-or-treat is tonight so it might as well be Halloween as far as I'm concerned. Don't most people finish off their costumes with hairstyles that compliment the costume? Well I do, so lucily for Ari the halloween hair we had planned is a little crazy, but looks somewhat like Bellatrix Lestrange. Here are just a couple pictures I got before she left for school (it doesn't look quite as big and ratted out like it does in real life).


Tina said...

She has the best hair!
I am printing the one in the middle in case you were wondering :) It's my favorite :)

The Proud Grandparents said...

Love the expresssions on her face particularly in the last two shots. Yet again, another great hair style that you have created - you do such a great job. It does work well to go with the costume idea also.