Monday, February 2, 2009

Spirit Week

Every year Ari's school has a spirit week where each day has a different theme. They include:

Crazy Socks Day

(Ari made her own using markers because she wanted them to be unique)
I didn't get a picture : (

Dress Up as your favorite movie character
(Unfortunately Ari stayed home sick this day)

Twins Day

(Ari and her friend Mari got matching shirts and then they both wore grey jeans and black boots)
I didn't get a picture : (

Crazy Hair Day
(By far the best day for the kids. Ari was literally stopping traffic with hers!)

School Spirit Day
(She wore a school sweatshirt and DH drew the school dolphin on her check...pretty good job huh?)


FoxyJ said...

That is awesome hair!

The Proud Grandparents said...

WOW!! The hair is awesome. How did you do it? Ari looks great. The dolphin is really good too. Sounds like she had a fun week. Sorry she had to miss one of the fun days.

andrew's mom said...

That's some hairdo! How DID you manage that? If there was a craziest hair contest, she should've won!

Desi said...

Elmer's glue and a lot of hair spray (including the red hair spray on the mohawk part)! The elmer's glue is a little tip from a girl around town who has an amazing pink mohawk...she said it works better than anything else.

Ari has a new principal this year and he doesn't do contests...all the other years they have had a contest for each of the different events...I think she was a little disappointed that they didn't have the contest this year because she might have had a shot at winning.

the wrath of khandrea said...

she is one spunky girl! i'll bet she's tons of fun to hang out with.

Amanda D said...

Very cool! Another way to do mohawks is unflavored gelatin. Works like a charm. Was it hard to get the glue out?