Thursday, June 12, 2008

How could I not know?

I realize I’m a little out of the loop, but how could I not know about this Google Reader thing? It’s amazing…you must go set it up right now. You can add the blogs you like to read to it and it will tell you when they have new posts. How brilliant is that? No more checking incessantly to see if the blogs I like have posted anything new. Nope, just check Google Reader and it tells me that so-and-so has 2 new posts and they pop up right there in the Google Reader window. I’m sure most of you already knew about this, which is why I’m a little disappointed that no one has shared this with me yet, but if you haven’t go check it out now.


Cheryl said...

Don't feel bad! It took me forever to figure that out, too. :)

the wrath of khandrea said...

hey desi
i've been meaning to tell you. i use this thing called google reader. it's so convenient. it tells you when your favorite blogs have had posts added to them.
you should totally check it out! it saves me so much time.
see ya

The Motherboard said...

I heart google reader! Its brilliant!!

Thanks for commenting on my blog!