Monday, November 9, 2009

Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top

If I ask very nice and say pretty please with a cherry on top would you do something for me?

I thought this picture of my girls in their Halloween costumes turned out so cute that I entered it into a costume contest on Facebook.

If you have a Facebook account would you pretty please with a cherry on top go and vote for it?

Just click this link and vote (and then pass it along to your friends):


Kristin said...

Ignore my other comment - I voted.

andrew's mom said...

Could they BE more darling? I voted of course. Did you get my message the other day? Lova ya!

Tasha - Bellazizas Favorites said...

Hi there! Came over from Bellazizas Favorite Things, trying to get ahold of you girl! You are a winner in our Invisibelt SWAG ALERT!! Please email me at!! I hope you get this message!

RYD said...

I just found your blog and had to comment on just how gorgeous your girls are. And that's a compliment, because I am the mom of two lovely girls as well. :)