Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ari has a Good Reads account!

Ari loves to read. Ever since she was a baby, books were the one thing that I didn’t figure I could spoil her too much with. (DH doesn’t agree with me on this because he is a fan of the library, while I get grossed out by library books so I prefer to buy, but I digress)

I signed up on Good Reads quite a while ago and I was telling DH what it was and Ari wanted her own account. Well, since summer is coming up and she is going to be reading more she and I opened an account for her last night. She now wants to connect with “friends” her own age on Good Reads so she can get book suggestions from kids that might like similar books as her, so if any of you have kids around 9 years old that would be interested in signing up on Good Reads and connecting with Ari about books, let me know. She will be thrilled.

Oh, and if any adults either have a Good Reads account or want to open one and be my friend, that would be great too :)


the wrath of khandrea said...

i've never even heard of good reads. i'll have to check it out. my oldest is a reading freak. he likes fantasy type stuff- his favorite is the gregor series. a bunch of girls in his class liked it too... pass that along to ari!

if he was sticking around here for the summer, i'd join him up. maybe when my stepdaughter gets here. she's 9 too.

Cheryl said...

I wish I had a daughter old enough to do that, but maybe I'll have her join next year or something. What a great idea! I love Goodreads.

Desi said...


Ari is reading the Gregor series right now. She went to the library to check out the third one last week and they don't have the third one for some reason and she was very disappointed. We got it for her and we are giving it to her today as a "it's summertime" gift to start off her summer reading. We were at Barnes and Noble last night and she found it and showed it to me and asked is she could get it (we already had it for her) and I told her no, we couldn't afford it right now. She is going to be so excited when we give it to her after school today.

You should check out Goodreads it's tons of fun to see what your "friends" are reading and what they recommend. I think your son would like it too if he likes reading. I have a link to it on my sidebar if you want to check it out.


Ari was so excited to get signed up. I think it's just one more thing that helps to get them excited about reading which in my opinion is a good thing