Saturday, June 28, 2008

Love of a daughter

First of all I want to thank everyone for their heartfelt comments on my previous post. I really appreciate every ones thoughts and concern.

I actually scheduled the last post because I knew I didn't want to be hanging out on my computer that day, so I wrote it up the day before. I had never told Ari because I wasn't sure how to go about it and I wasn't sure that she was ready, but when I knew I was putting all this out there I wanted to be the one to tell her so she didn't hear it from anyone else who happened to read my blog. So Wednesday night I told her about that baby boy and she was so sweet and tender and gave me a big hug because she could tell it was something that made me sad.

She was there on Thursday when I dropped the paperwork in the mail to sign up on the voluntary registry. So later on that evening my phone rang and I didn't make it to the phone in time and there was a message. I listened to it and then went into Ari's room to read a little with her. When I went in she said, "you got a message, can I listen to it?"

"No," I replied."

"Why, not."

"Because I already listened to it!"

"Who was it from?"

"Some Lady Named Linda."

I heard her gasp and then pretty much talking to herself she said, "nevermind, it's too soon."


"Oh nevermind, you just sent the paperwork today, that would be too soon wouldn't it?"

Now grasping what she was talking about I said "yes, the paperwork wouldn't have gotten there yet, plus they'll have to input all the information and he would have to sign up too. You need to know that he might not ever sign up so we might not ever get to meet him."

"We'll get to meet him in heaven though, right mom?...won't Heavenly Father will be ok with that? Don't you think he'll let us meet him in heaven if we don't get to meet him here?"

With a tear in my eye I said "Oh definitely, I definitely think Heavenly Father will let us meet him in heaven."

She then walked over and sat on my lap and gave me a huge hug.

Leave it to a 9 year old to have the answers to the hard questions.


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

That Ari is one smart girl, and what a comfort she must be to you. :)

The Proud Grandparents said...

It was apparent from the time Ari entered this mortal existence that she had been blessed by our Heavenly Father with an extra special spirit. It is humbling to be a witness as she continues to exhibit that special spirit. How blessed you must feel to be the recipient of that spirit.

andrew's mom said...

Kids are so in tune with spiritual matters it blows my mind. You have also done such an amazing job of teaching Ari about the Gospel, who she is and where she came from.

Jenn said...

What a sweet girl. I am tearing up just reading this. I know you already do this, but give her an extra big hug!