Thursday, February 21, 2008

And the Oscar goes to...

There are so many things that I have wanted to post about but haven’t had time. Right now however I’m just going to post something fun. I love it when people have contests on their blogs so I’m going to have one in honor of the upcoming Academy Awards. I can never sit through the entire show, but I enjoy watching the Oscars in between doing or watching other things so I’ve created an internet pool on who will win the major categories to make it a little more fun. Whoever wins our pool will get a $15 gift card to Borders Books mailed to them. Our pool name is Leaches Clangor. I used one of those anagram creators to come up with a name using the letters in the words Oscar Challenge so it would be something different and unique.

I’m not sure that anyone other than my mom reads this blog, but if you do, go ahead and enter whether I personally know you or not. It’s all just for fun anyway. I’ll post the winner on Monday the 25th and get their bookstore choice and address at that point.
Go here to enter. Good luck and have fun!
Pool Name: Leaches Clangor
Pool ID: 101
Password: someday
Pool Creator: djasay

The pool is through so our contest ends when theirs does at 2 pm Pacific.

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BrandeeJ said...

I think I just entered your pool so hopefully I guessed well and I will win! Maybe my theatre background will give me the edge, Ha!