Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mr. Lion

For Christmas Devyn got a playyard that has lights and sounds and multiple toys that hang over her to stimulate her little brain. Even though there are five different hanging toys, Devyn only has eyes for Mr. Lion (as we have coined him). He is brightly colored and she absolutely loves him.

She flirts with him, laughing, cooing and smiling for longer than she concentrates on anything. What's even more amazing is that she always looks to the left if given the chance and Mr. Lion typically hangs over her right shoulder. She had to break away from the norm just to look at him in the first place and now no matter where he hangs she is sure to find him. We try not to give her too much Mr. Lion time so he doesn't lose his allure. Well, here's to you, Mr. Lion, for making Devyn so happy.

Try as I might, I wasn't able to truly capture her admiration on film, but this at least gives you an idea.

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