Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Little Girl!

I relate so much of my life to music or poems or quotes, so half the time I’m writing something, something is playing or being recited in my head. For example this post title, when I think of the song My Little Girl by Tim McGraw I think of Ari. She is my little girl but she’s growing up right before my eyes. She has obviously been growing up more and more everyday since she was born, but sometimes I don’t really see it because she’s my little girl. Sometime when I look at her it just hits me that she’s not a little girl anymore. I think I’ve realized this even more ever since Devyn was born. Having a baby in the house makes me realize just how grown up Ari really is. She is a great big sister and a really big help sometimes.

Well, one of the things that has reminded me recently how big she’s getting is that for years now she has been asking me if she can shave her legs and I’ve always told her no, she’s too young. I mean she’s only 9! Well she was starting to ask more and more saying she didn’t like all the dark hair on her legs when she wore shorts, so we broke down and got her an electric razor (so she is less likely to take off half of her shin in the process) for Christmas.So, here’s my little girl, who’s turning into a young woman right before my eyes, shaving her legs for the first time. She was all ready for church and decided she wanted to shave before we went, hence the skirt! (Wouldn’t you just kill for those long legs?)

Here’s a clip with the song in case you aren’t familiar with the lyrics because they really describe how I feel about Ari. One part that I really like is a line that says “Sometimes you're asleep I whisper ‘I Love You!’ in the moonlight at your door.
As I walk away, I hear you say, ‘Daddy Love You More!’ She and I have done this thing for years as I’m tucking her into bed and she’ll ask me how much I love her and I’ll say “more than anything” and then it usually goes something like “I love you more,” then “I love you mostest of all”, “I love you to infinity” and then “I love you to infinity and back.” She and I have had our issues because we are both pretty strong willed, but we are also amazingly close and I love that about us. I love you the mostest of all Ari, and don’t ever forget that.


Ixchelle said...

Go Ari! How does it feel to have hairy- free legs?

Jenn said...

Okay, thanks for making me cry! Just watching my baby (who is 3 now!) grow up so fast is breaking my heart and making me excited for the future all at the same time! I'm surprised you got her to wait so long to shave!