Thursday, April 2, 2009

I did it!

I made it to my 21 days…and considering that I had to get up at 4:30 the past two mornings in order to work it in makes it that much more fulfilling :)

This morning was my 21st day in a row to get up and exercise, which may not seem like a big deal, but it’s been a while since I exercised that many days in a row before :(

Now my only fear is that since I’ve made it to my goal I’ll let myself slack off every once in a while…so, if any of you want to hold my feet to the fire that would be great…if you want reciprocal encouragement I’d love that too…we could always do the Facebook thing like my friend Sam and I!


the wrath of khandrea said...

congrats! great accomplishment. why do you never post pictures of yourself? you should do a celebratory post. with pictures.

Desi said...

I HATE pictures of myself so I don't post any of me...maybe someday, but I doubt it...ha ha ha

Cheryl said...

Hooray! You did it!
Now keep doing it. :)

Karla said...

Yea for you!! That is a great accomplishment. I would be glad to hold your feet to the fire if you will do the same for me :)

The Proud Grandparents said...

As you know I have been away from a computer for a week. Congrats on achieving your goal of 21 days. You can and will keep it up by just setting the next goal. Now maybe you can help me get restarted and work toward a 21 day goal.

Lindsey from The R House said...

you seriously are my hero!! i might, just might be inspired to get my lazy bum out of bed and run. i need it so.