Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pink Torture!!!

For all intents and purposes Ari is a tomboy through and through. She likes to play with the boys at recess time, even telling me that she is the only girl that can do some flip thing off the parallel bars that “all the boys do.”

Here she is demonstrating the flip for me last night when we went to the book fair at her school.

She also only likes to wear some version of jeans and a t-shirt or hoodie. I count myself lucky that she is willing to at least wear some of the cuter t-shirts like the graphic ones from Old Navy or like the marabou trimmed hoodie in the picture from Justice (her favorite store by the way, also where the offending outfit came from) rather than the boxy boy style t-shirts. She informed me the other day that it’s all my fault that she is a tomboy for dressing her in all blue when she was a baby. I have to clarify, I did not dress her in all blue, but I didn’t like to dress her in a lot of pink so she wore a lot of primary colors like red, yellow and yes, some blue (which, by the way, she looked really good in).

So, on Monday I had neglected to do wash for a while and Ari had no clean jeans to wear, oh the travesty of it all! I told her that I knew her maroon shirt and pink leggings were clean so go put them on. She refused and put together some other outfit from things in her drawer. I told her she had to wear the outfit I told her to wear in the first place the next day then because she was the one that picked it out from the store and she was going to get some use out of it before she grew out of it (mean mom, I know!) She then had tests on Tuesday and Wednesday and I let her wear jeans both of those days so as she would be as comfortable as possible to do well on her tests, but letting her know that she would be wearing THE outfit on Thursday.

So this morning as we were eating breakfast I said to her “you know what outfit you’re wearing today, right?” She slumped her shoulders and let out a long sigh of desperation as she said “pink torture!” So, yes I am a mean mom that is torturing my daughter, but in my defense, her favorite color is pink and over half the clothes she picks out are some shade of pink.Oh, and I think she looks darling.


The Proud Grandparents said...

Brings back memories of "slight (ha,ha)disagreements" with each of my daughters regarding what to wear. All moms go through that experience some time.

Ari gets prettier every day - can you tell I'm biased? She does look particularly good in the pinks.

alexandra said...

Thanks so much for your comments! Of course it is more than ok to read my blog and leave comments and advice. I really appreciated it a lot. I am totally increasing my water intake now. Will is also going to get a CF work-up in a couple of weeks. No stone unturned! :) Thanks, again, and your family is absolutely darling. When I have a girl, she will wear a lot of pink. I hope it looks as cute on my future daughter as it does on your little girl!

BrandeeJ said...

Ari does look cute in pink. I bet someday she will out grow the tomboy phase. but it's funy that she picks out pink but then doesn't want to wear it. Funny girl.