Friday, April 25, 2008

Backpack, Backpack

You know you're a mom if you are singing the Dora the Explorer song in your head right now because of this title.

Way back in October my husband's work called me and said that they wanted to have a surprise baby shower for him and could I make it to the party. He was a little annoyed because he had a lot of stuff to do and they kept bugging him about coming to some luncheon, until I showed up and he found out it was really a luncheon and baby shower for him. He wasn't annoyed anymore after that :) They wanted to do something more for him as a dad so they got him this really cool backpack that the baby goes in. Devyn is so nonchalant that she just goes with the flow. She was just chillin in the backpack as we took Dante out on a walk.

I have been trying for some time to capture Devyn's total admiration for Ari in a picture. She idolizes Ari. Devyn does not smile easily. She's a good baby and perfectly content, but she doesn't tend to smile for just anyone, but Ari can always make her smile. She has this look of complete admiration that she gets when Ari walks into a room. Well Ken bent down to pet the dog while Devyn was in the backpack and she caught sight of Ari and just smiled and laughed and looked at her with that look of awe in her eyes. Boy does Ari have a big job ahead of her being a good example for her little sister who obviously thinks she can do no wrong.


Jenn said...

Okay, I seriously had to sing the whole Backpack song! Braden LOVES Dora the Explorer, and the song was one of the first he learned to sing! And I know all about the younger one adoring the older sibling; Kaylie idolizes Braden and he can make her laugh like no one else! So fun!

the wrath of khandrea said...

yeah, i was singing it immediately.
and now i'll be singing it all day long.


cute pictures. i wish my kids made each other smile. they prefer to make each other scream. which in turn, makes them smile.
sad, sad, sad.

The Proud Grandparents said...

On graduation weekend it was fun to get the chance to personally witness how Devyn's eyes follow Ari whenever she is close by. Particularly fun was watching Devyn smile and almost giggle when Ari did the "Can Can" song.

Ari does have some big shoes to fill as a older sister.