Tuesday, October 21, 2008

California Parents, Are you keeping your kids home from school?

Have you heard about the protest against the California Teachers Union in regards to Prop 8 and are you keeping your kids home from school today? I just caught the article below on the late news last night so I haven't heard much about it and I'm curious if others are doing it. Let me know.

Parents Organize Prop. 8 Support Protest In School
SACRAMENTO (CBS13) ― In response to a controversial contribution by a California teachers union, some parents are organizing an effort to keep their kids home for the day and cost public schools money.The California Teachers Association says their members are fighting to keep gay marriage legal because they stand for equality. With cash contributions to anti-Proposition 8 efforts falling short of the opposition, the union injected $1 million into campaign coffers to continue the ad blitz.Supporters of Proposition 8 now have a proposition of their own: They're behind an online effort to keep kids home from school Tuesday. The organizers say for every student who misses school for personal reasons costs the school money, and are banking that high numbers will send a big message.The e-mail says, "Many Calfiornia [sic] public school students are going to be sick and absent from school on Tuesday, October 21st… Many are puzzled why the professional group hired to educate them is spending so much money to push their own social agenda."The chain e-mail also urges teachers supporting Proposition 8 to send a statement of their own: "With all those students out sick, many California public school teachers intend to demand $300 political refunds from their union dues."The CTA did not comment on how much they've donated to other California propositions for this election cycle.


the wrath of khandrea said...

i think the way most californians, particularly LDS, are handling this is very wrong.
it's fine to support a cause, but to turn it all into a salem witch trial and start burning at the stake...
there has to be a less confrontational, offensive way to handle this situation. that's my opinion, for what it's worth. i'm sure there are plenty of people who disagree.

Cheryl said...

This isn't a witch trial. Nobody is on trial.

In this particular case, the CTA has given over a million dollars to the NO on Prop campaign. This means that for every teacher who is in support of Prop 8, their money is being sent to a cause they don't believe in. And instead of spending over a million dollars to help increase the quality of schools or PAY TEACHERS MORE MONEY, they are literally slapping these teachers in the faces. It has been proven in MA and already in CA that if Prop 8 DOES NOT pass, teachers will be required to teach SSM as Normal and Moral and it will permeate the schools as early as Kindergarten. This isn't a scare tactic; it's the truth. And now the CTA is involved?? That it almost proof enough that the indoctrination will begin in the schools, experimentation will explode, and parents who "dont' agree" will have to take their kids out of public school, even though their taxes are paying for them to be there.

I wasn't aware of the "skipping school" day, but how else are they going to be heard? The CTA has made a HUGE political decision without consulting their teachers. Many of those teachers completely disagree with the donation. How else can they be heard when they had no choice in the first place?