Friday, October 3, 2008

Calling all First Parents...

This post is in regards to adoption. For an explanation of the term First Mother, check out what Michelle has to say. It’s an older post, but she says it so perfectly that I thought it was easier to link to it than to reiterate what she has to say.

Now that you understand the term, if you are one, go here. It is a survey for anyone who is either a First Mother or First Father who have relinquished a child. "The purpose of this survey is to apprise [sic] the long term effects and attitudes of mothers (and fathers) who have lost children to adoption, particularly in terms of any “promises” or expectations of confidentiality. Accurate data regarding attitudes, perceptions, beliefs and practices affecting parents in these situations is vital in formulating upcoming legislation in areas of family preservation, foster care and adoption. We hope this survey will be the most comprehensive study of parents who surrendered parental rights or whose rights were terminated resulting in their children being either adopted or remaining in foster care."

Have a great Friday!


Michelle said...

Thanks for linking my post Desi! I feel very strongly about that topic. I have always said that I don't care what my son calls me, as long as he calls...LOL. By golly, I was his first mom, whether they like it or not!

Hope you are well! ((hugs))

Heather said...

I filled out the survey. It was strange because I have already found my daughter. But I hope it helps others.

I do like Michelle's post on First Mother. I can relate to it totally. I saved her blog. Thanks for linking it.