Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Adventures of a 9 year old and the Governator

When you are a working mom and your child doesn’t have school you have to either:

a) Take a vacation day
b) Pay a stranger on the street or
c) Have a good friend that is willing to watch your child

I am lucky enough to c) Have a good friend that is willing to watch my child. This was way back in August when I was pregnant and having to save every vacation day I had for my maternity leave. Oh the lament of being a working mom, in my next life I will be a stay-at-home mom…but I digress.

So, Ari went to Brooke and Brielle’s house for the day and Ixchelle calls to see if it’s ok if she takes Ari to the State Capitol over in Sacramento. Sure, go for it, “have fun!” In the middle of the day I got an excited call from Ari “I just met the Governor mom.” Wait, what? You just met our Governor, you mean The Governator? “Yes and I got to shake his hand!”

She was so excited and I have to admit that I was excited for her. How many people can say that they’ve shaken their governor’s hand? Not to mention Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hand! Thanks Ixchelle for being so sweet and helping me out, and for taking Ari on an adventure of a lifetime, and for getting pictures of the whole thing (which I stole off her blog, thanks again!). That was an experience she will not soon forget.

Yes, yes, I know this is old information, but I didn't have a blog then and I wanted to share this picture, so sue me...he he he!

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The Proud Grandparents said...

Even though we have had a 8 x 10 copy of this photo hanging on the china closet door for several months, we never tire of looking at it knowing this was such a fun experience for Ari. We remember vividly how excited she was when she called to tell us she had shaken the hand of the "Govenator" that day. Way to go Ari.