Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I love books! I am not a fast reader so for a long time I didn’t really like reading. I’m not a slow reader by any means; I just have a hard time paying attention to what I’m reading. I sometimes find myself having to go back and re-read the same page two and three times because I find that my mind is wandering off and I have no idea what I just read. Adult ADD? Maybe, who knows! All I do know is that I have to read where there aren’t a lot of distractions or else I’m distracted. I like music in the background so that it drowns out the distractions, but it can’t be music with singing. My DH thinks I’m crazy, which I probably am, but there you have it. I usually listen to Jazz or Classical to keep my random brain focused.

I didn’t really learn to love books until I worked for a summer at Barnes and Noble and we had to recommend books for the employee picks section. I started reading so I could recommend books and fell in love.

Now I am usually in the middle of three different books all at the same time. We are usually reading one together as a family, DH and I are usually reading one together and then I read one just for myself. Ari also loves to read so she is the same way. She is usually reading one for literature circle, one for Battle of the Books at her school library and one with us as a family. I have to admit that I have always spoiled her when it came to books, and she has a ton, but what better thing to spoil her with right?

A while back I signed up on a website called Good Reads where you can list and review the books you read and you connect with friends so you can see what books they liked and why. I never really reviewed the books I listed or signed up with friends on there, I just liked having a place to keep track of the books I had read. Today I got an email from Good Reads that my friend Heather wanted to add me to her friends list. I decided it might be fun to connect with more friends on there, so if you are interested, click here and go to my Good Reads page, sign up and add me as a friend. Who doesn’t like good book recommendations anyway?


Unknown said...

Hi Desi,
I'm Ken's Auntie Elna. I would love to hear from him some time. I can be reached via e-mail eshoji67@gmail.com or phone 406-360-2209. I enjoy seeing your family.
Love ]
Auntie E

Tina said...

Ari looks gorgeous in her pink :)
And for the record, the first pink shirt I ever remember actually purchasing was because of my sister about 2 years ago who claimed that living in a house full of boys I needed something a little feminine.
Huge book reader here...Hunter is well on his way to a 10th grade reading level (in 6th grade) and driving us broke with book needs and the school library is trying to keep up with him as well! I LOVE it!!

Jenn said...

I miss reading! I just can't find time right now! I am dying to read the latest John Grisham book, THE APPEAL - there is a huge waiting list for it at the library. Sigh. Hey, we're going to make our blog private, so if you would, email me and I'll put you on it. craworama@gmail.com Thanks! Jenn!