Friday, March 14, 2008

I am a complainer.

I’m really not a complainer, but I do call or email companies on a fairly regular basis if I feel they have a bad product or bad customer service or such. I even got a Christmas card last year from In and Out Burger because after getting three burger in a row from then that were raw in the middle I finally complained. ( I don't see what everyone raves about, but that's another post in and of itself) I believe I "complain" in a respectful and tactful way, unless someone pulls an attitude with me and then I sometimes pull one back (bad I know, but what can I say, no one is perfect.) I have also been known to let a company know when they are doing a good job also, although I don’t do this as often because I forget to recognize the good as much as the bad. I emailed another company today and it has inspired me to do some product reviews on my blog, some good and some bad.

Today I sent and email to Manhattan Toys. We have this cute little pull string toy called the Royal Jungle Lighted Monkey Pull Toy. We liked to use it for church because it vibrated and has flashing lights when you pull the string, but it doesn’t play music or make any noise at all really (except for the little rattle at the end, but it isn’t that noisy). It also has a little mirror on it that Devyn could see herself in. Well, today it stopped working! We tried to pull the string and it acted like the batteries were going dead, and wasn’t vibrating very well. When you pull the string it is supposed to retract back up into the toy as it vibrates. The next time I pulled the string it stayed down and completely stopped vibrating and lighting up. We gave this toy to her for Valentine’s Day so it broke exactly one month to the day after giving it to her. It didn’t get a lot of use so it’s not a very quality toy in my opinion. I’m sad to see it break because Devyn did like it and it’s hard to find good toys for church that will capture her attention without being noisy. It may just be a fluke, but I emailed the company to tell them of my experience so they know this may be a problem with these toys. I’ll let you know if I get a response back from them.

Now for a good review:

When Ari was a baby I had a Diaper Genie. It was ok, but I felt it didn’t “control” odor as much as it claimed that it would. We were going to get one with Devyn because it’s nice to have something to at least try and control the nasty diaper smell, but because I wasn’t overly impressed I decided to do a little online research. I found some good reviews of the Diaper Champ and I loved that you use regular kitchen garbage bags rather than the special (and expensive) bags that go with the Diaper Genies. Well, I love it. It’s an odd little contraption that has a cylindrical space where you put the dirty diaper. You then grab the handle and flip it over the top of the pail. There is a weighted “thing” for the lack of a better term that when it is flipped over helps to “push” the dirty diaper down into the garbage bag. You can be standing right next to it and never know there are dirty diapers in there. It’s great! Just watch out, when you open it to empty it you finally realize how nasty the smell really is. It is white with either pink or blue accents which is kind of fun, but we did have to try a couple different Targets before we found a pink one.

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Jenn said...

You know, that diaper champ sounds like a great buy! I'm buying too many Febreeze sprays to cover up the smell! I think it's great that you write/email companies - they need more customer feedback.