Friday, March 21, 2008

Beautiful Hair

Ari has absolutely beautiful hair. Ever since I can remember people have come up to us on the street complementing her pretty curls. I used to do so many cute things with it, cornrows, twists, braids, puffs. (Now all she ever wants is one pony on the back of her head, I have to fight with her to let me do anything else) Puffs were my favorite! I would put two ponies on top of her head and they would be all cute and curly and look like cute little cotton puffs. Any number of random people would ask to touch her hair (kind of creepy, I know) and would be amazed at how soft her curls were. (see examples of cute hair below…don’t notice the picture quality as I was taking pictures of pictures)

Of course the grass is always greener on the other side however. She has said way too often that she wants straight blond hair like mine. I LOVE her hair, so up to this point I haven’t let her do anything (color or straighten) with it. She’s getting older now and I’m starting to wonder when I should let her have more say in what gets done to her hair, but since it’s a combination of white and black hair I’m afraid that if the stylist doesn’t know what they are doing they will destroy it. So for now she gets to keep her beautiful brown curls.

Her hair isn’t as easy to do as straight hair though. You can’t just wake up and run a comb through it. As a matter of fact when she wakes up her hair is pretty wild and ‘fro like.

They do something here that they never did in Logan that is perfect for Ari and her hair! Crazy Hair Day…i.e. school spirit day. The kids get to wear their clothes inside out or backwards, wear face paint and do their hair all crazy. Well if there is one thing Ari’s hair does well its CRAZY!

She calls this the “Einstein” look, at least that's what she was going for!

I think its a little more Don King’ish.

Here's the crazy girl in the process of getting crazy hair!

Doesn't she have the greatest crazy hair? When we dropped her off at school one parent couldn't stop laughing. Ari thinks it great! (Even Devyn was smiling at it)

So what do you think? Einstein? Don King?


Cheryl said...

I'd say a combination of the two. Tons of hair like Einstein and the fro-look of Don King.

What fun hair! It is beautiful, too. I love that picture of her in the dress, smiling with her pretty curls...

The Proud Grandparents said...

WOW Arz, how you've turned aged overnight. I love it. You are such a fun (little bit crazy sometimes)girl. Did you know that my hair was almost that big back in the sixties?

the wrath of khandrea said...

LOVE it!! i love that she gets into the craziness of it all! she reminds me of macy gray.
my stepdaughter has the same hair- and the cutest style on her is two braids, one down each side, with a little baseball hat on. my littlest girl gets the fro going, but she doesn't have as great a set of curls... it's mostly just a mess.

BrandeeJ said...

Oh! I remember Ari's little puffs they were so cute. It sorta makes me sad that she doesn't lover her hair as much as we do. I love the pictures of her crazy hair. I think it's a don king/einstein cross. So funny!

Jolene George said...

She does have beautiful hair. Looks like so real fun getting her ready for crazy hair day. Too funny!
And your sweet baby is darling. Love the foot in mouth picture.