Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary Baby!

Today is my DH and I’s 3 year anniversary. Ari was so cute and got up early to make us breakfast in bed…she is so thoughtful and it was so cute.

Well, in honor of our anniversary I thought I would post a little background story of us…

I was the shy girl in the front of the high school Physics class; he was the outgoing, good-looking guy that sat at the back of the class making friends. He was friends with everyone, but most especially girls!

He says that from the moment he saw me I took his breath away and he knew he had to get to know me. Being the shy quiet type that I am, I didn’t make that easy for him. In fact I think I sort of brushed him off at first. Not willing to accept defeat he kept trying. On an occasion when we had a particularly hard test in class he used that as a ploy to talk to me, asking me how I thought I did on the test. I knew I had done horribly, which he couldn’t believe, so we made a bet. I don’t remember how we set up who won and lost, but he lost and took me out to lunch at Scotty’s, a little drive-in burger place not far from the high school.

For the rest of our junior year we became better and better friends and started hanging out with a lot of the same people. I was dating someone else, and I still remember, when as a big group of friends we went to pick up Ken’s date who was a girl from another school, I was totally and completely jealous! It was then that I realized that I liked him as more than just a friend. Luckily, neither one of our relationships ended up lasting. We still didn’t end up together right away though. I think we were both afraid to admit that we liked each other as more than friends. As the summer went on we spent more and more time together, eventually ending up dating and then becoming high school sweethearts. He treated me so well, even opening doors for me wherever we went. We talked about getting married and starting a family, but he also talked about joining the army after high school. This was in 1991, and Operation Deseret Storm had just happened. I wasn’t ready for such a big commitment in my life, but more importantly, I knew that guys who went into the Army also went to war and died. One day, out of the blue, I told him we couldn’t be together anymore, and that was that. I cried after he left my house that day, mostly because I didn’t even understand why I was ending such a great thing. As the years have past, I have come to realize that one, I didn’t feel like I deserved him, and two, I was afraid I couldn’t handle losing him, which was a distinct possibility with him being in the Army.

The end of our senior year was difficult, he was my best friend and we just stopped talking. I didn’t even see him the night of graduation, although I thought of him all night. Summer came and I spent a lot of my time working to save for college. He called me about two weeks before he left for basic training. We went out one last time to catch up and say good-bye. It was awkward. I still cared deeply for him, yet he had changed so much in just those few short months.

We kept in touch off and on for a couple years, but he eventually ended up getting married and I wasn’t comfortable continuing a friendship with some other woman’s husband so once again in our lives, that was that!

Fast forward 12 years when I was a single mother living in Logan and I get an email from my Mom (who lives in Idaho Falls) saying “you will never guess who just stopped by.” She said he had stopped by to say hi and that he was in town after living out East or out of the Country for a number of years, and did I want his phone number? NO! He was still some other women’s husband and I didn’t want to deal with that. Well I said something to that effect in my response email to my Mom and then she mentioned that he was “no longer married.” Ok, maybe I did want his number then, but I couldn’t act too eager since my Mom had told me and everyone else way back in high school that if she could pick my husband it would have been him. I couldn’t let my Mom know that she might have been right so I played it cool. After getting his phone number and making that first awkward call, things just clicked. We ended up getting married in less than a year. I never thought I would have gotten married so fast, but with our history and our connection it just worked. I don’t know if everyone has a soul mate or not, but he is definitely mine!


the wrath of khandrea said...

that is quite a story. so you never said if he actually went into the army or not. my husband has deployed a thousand times, i'm glad he's near retirement. it's a tough life.

i am so glad things worked out so well for you. i notice we were at USU at the same time...that was a crazy time and crazy people. i'm glad to see you are so happy and your family is so beautiful. congratulations!!!

Desi said...


Yes he did go into the Army but got out after 4 years and then did some contracting for a few years after that.

Luckily for me he is not in the Army anymore so I don't have to deal with him being away! I would be a horrible Army wife I'm afraid, I would miss him too much! :(

I have so much respect for those who are in the military and risk their lives for the rest of us and for their families who have to be away from them so much. So, thank you to you and your husband for all that you do and put up with.