Friday, March 14, 2008

Animal Lover

Ari has always loved animals and for as long as I can remember she has wanted to be a veterinarian when she grows up. When Ari found out that kids could volunteer with the local SPCA at their adoption days she begged for the chance to do it. She went a few times last summer, but last weekend she started up again. The kids get to help set up crates and cages and other not so fun stuff, but the part that Ari loves is they just get to sit in the cages all day and play with the dogs. Can you think of a better activity for a girl that loves animals? Plus, who doesn't want to keep their 9year old in a cage somedays ;)

The first puppy, Mac, she sat with got adopted (which is a good thing because he was so cute and I wanted to take him home) and then she got to spend time with April.
She loved April so much that she made me take pictures of her in case she got adopted out this week as she won’t be able to go. What a great little socially conscious daughter I have!


Jenn said...

Okay, I could NEVER do that - I'd want to take them all home! So fun, though! I love the pictures!

BrandeeJ said...

Ari and her "dogs" she loves them so much I'm surprized that you don't end up with a house full. She's so cute with them I love the pictures.